Friday, 22 August 2008


60. Knit 50 items for charity...COMPLETED
I pretty much think this is done. Bear with me lots of knitting photos ahead although not all my charity items are pictured. The haul includes 20 premature baby hats, 5 premature baby jackets, 1 gingerbread man toy, 1 pram star toy, 10 Teddies For Tragedy (which were sent to Africa via the singing children of Africa), 2 school jumpers, 3 pairs of fingerless gloves, 10 scarves. Okay that makes...52? Yup, thats that item complete..hooray!

Thursday, 21 August 2008


20.Read & list 50 progress 15/50

More books to add. At last I got round to reading classic tale 'Kidnapped' by Scots writer Robert Louis Stevenson. Set in 1751, the story is of a young man David Balfour, who has recently lost his parents and is sent out into the world (beyond his native Edinburgh) to seek his 'kinfolk'. His uncle tricks him not only of his rightful inheritance but his freedom as he is scuttled aboard a ship bound for Carolina. Events onboard find him saving the life of wanted Highlander Alan Breck who is in his debt and agrees to help Balfour return home and gain his birthright.

Although I prefer modern fiction I enjoyed this book. I was especially encaptured as part of the story is set at South Queensferry, not far from where I stay. The Hawes Inn mentioned is an actual pub which still stands today and to which I visited last year when Gavin did his abseil from the Forth Rail Bridge just opposite. Its strange to imagine both Forth bridges did not exist when this novel was written.

The second book is Janet Street Porters 'Fallout: A Memoir Of Friends Made And Lost' a follow up to her previous autobiographical 'Baggage'. All I have to say is this book is great, I love this woman. She is witty and unashamadly candid. If I were to ever write a book I wish it too be half as brilliant as her work.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Lets Get Physical!

1.Do a course & pass it ...COMPLETED

Pictured is my certificate to prove that I have successfully completed the 'Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme'. The course, based at my local hospital was 16 sessions of physio for people like me with 'crappy lungs'. The class consisted of a small group of people with C.O.P.D or some other form of lung function restriction. Guided and monitored by the physiotherapists I progressed throughout the weeks using hand weights, the bench press and treadmill. Pre-course and post course tests showed improvements in my breathing and stamina whilst exercising.