Saturday, 2 February 2008

Sock It To 'Em

76. Knit 20 pairs of socks...IN PROGRESS 3/20
I only began knitting socks a few months ago and knitted myself a few pairs. Thinking once I had mastered my DPN's I would then abandon this method of knitting then forget it totally I have vowed to knit at least 20 pairs in the 1001 days to keep my hand in (or should that be 'keep my toes in'?). I am still only knitting the basic sock pattern but using the self patterning 4ply Opal wool makes the finished item more interesting and people are often misled into thinking I have mastered the art of Fair Isle. I do correct them but at the mention of self patterning wool non-knitters seem to think I'm joking..ahh well let them continue to think I'm gifted..why argue?

After many kind comments on my hand knit socks I have toyed with the idea of selling them and have been playing around with my own label...Littlelou Knits.