Saturday, 24 May 2008

85.Do recycling trip 20 times ...IN PROGRESS 1/20

Okay I'm a slacker..although we religiously recycle our plastic, glass and paper I tend to leave it to the other half . The paper waste gets picked up fortnightly from the house but the other stuff requires a short trek across the park to the community centre. I am quick enough to preach to others about the benefits of separating your household rubbish but I sit back and let my mister lug the carrier bags to the recycle bank.
Even since putting it on this list I have never took my turn..that is until today. I took the mutt with me and we had a nice stroll through the park and back. I can see this is an easy item on my list to complete and it will encourage me pull my weight a bit with the more menial of household tasks.

So, people...RECYCLE!!!!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Come On Get Happy

26.Go see 5 theatre shows..IN PROGRESS..2/5

Last week my other half and I took a trip out to our local theatre to see an adaption of Jim Cartwright's 'The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice'. Starring Scottish favourites Elaine.C.Smith and Andy Gray we knew it wouldn't be short of a laugh or two having seen the comic actors together last year in 'Two', by the same playwright.
This performance exceeded expectations, especially that of Debbie Saloman who portrayed the title character 'Little Voice'. Playing a shy young woman still grieving over the loss her mild mannered father, her only comfort is listening to the vinyl records of female chanteuses that he left behind. In the privacy of her bedroom she mimics the voices of Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe to perfection. Overheard by her overbearing lush of a mother and her shady sleazebag talent agent boyfriend Ray Say the timid 'L.V' is cajoled into a stage appearance. Against her better judgement she finally and reluctantly agrees to one performance in memory of her father.
It is here that Saloman stuns..especially her rendition of Piafs 'Non,Je Regrette non. Wow.
The story goes on, things go wrong..comedy turns to tradegy but I wont spoil the plot for those who may not know it.
The other half and myself came away knowing that we had got our moneys worth and really seen something special.

Monday, 5 May 2008

19.Start a knit meet-up...COMPLETED?

Although I haven't strictly started a knit meet-up I have recently joined one already formed so I am considering this complete. After all, I only wanted to get together with like-minded 'knit-wits' and I am now able to do that through 'Loving Hands'. Loving Hands is a crafting group who knit, crochet and sew items for various charities. Founded by Fife lady Lou Jaap they now have 200 members in the UK (and a couple overseas!). The weekly meetings for the handful of us here in Fife are a great opportunity to go on and on about patterns and wool whilst drinking tea and contributing to great worthwhile causes.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Reading In Bed

20.Read & list 50 books.... IN PROGRESS..10/50

I got some great biographies for my birthday and because I haven't been too well lately I have read them in double quick time. The first was 'All Of Me' by Patsy Palmer an actress who has recently returned to BBC soap Eastenders to revive her infamous character 'Bianca'. The book tells of her childhood days longing for stardom and of her cockney working class roots. She also divulges into her path of self-destruction through drink and drugs, single motherhood at 19 and nervous breakdowns. It took neaar death encounters and the almost total braekdown of relations with the troubled family she fought yet loved before Patsy found her own way to stop.
This is a typical coffee table biography of a soap celeb, a quick yet enjoyable read.

'A Young Man's Passage' by Julian Clary. Born and brought up in the suburbs to well grounded middle class family a young Julian fled to London for glamour and fame, where he developed his taste for shameless performance. Graduating when the alternative comedy revolution was just in its infancy Julian added his own brand of glitter and smut. Suddenly he was the most famous, uncomprimising queen in the country. This book tells of the highs of success while privately suffering the comprimises of celebrity and the life-altering pain of losing a lover to Aids.