Monday, 7 January 2008

Book Worm

20.Read & list 50 books...IN PROGRESS 3/50
I have read two of the books I received as Christmas presents. The first is a biography of former female impersonator now teatime chat show host Paul O'Grady. I had always admired the over the top baudy manner of his alter-ego 'Lily Savage' and minus the make-up Paul himself is only a slightly toned down version. This book penned by Neil Simpson didn't quite live up to expectations however. A good enough read chronicalling events through O'Grady's life was marred somewhat by all the quoted anecdotes from 'friends', 'collegues' and 'fans' of the star. I look forward to a self-penned version which Paul O'Grady himself has announced is in the pipeline.
The second book entitled 'Too Many Mothers' by Roberta Taylor has been on my 'must read' list since last Christmas. It was worth the wait. This book is an autobiography by former Eastenders actress Taylor (presently in ITV police series The Bill) and describes intricately the story of her own East End family background. The title of the book reflects the strong female characters of her maternal Grandmother, 3 very different Aunts and her mother Win. It is not a cosy sweetness and light version of events but a gritty, gutsy, tragic yet endearing book. Beautifully crafted with the ability to make you smile and weep on the same page I was loathe to finish this read as it truely was a joy.