Sunday, 5 June 2011

Update..Long Time Passed

Admittedly, it was quite a while ago that I should have completed my 101 list and I had kind of forgotten about it. However recently I was considering compiling a new one and looked back upon this blog.
I'm pleased to say I have since completed a few more off this orginal list so thought I'd do a wee update.

The most significant is this :.
3.Get married ..COMPLETED.
A little over 7 weeks ago me & the Mister tied the knot after 10 yrs together.

47.Buy decent bra..despite no boobage...COMPLETED

24.Go on the Falkirk Wheel...                      COMPLETED (just this week)
49.Fly a kite...                                                     COMPLETED
72.Tidy under the beds, properly..            COMPLETED, more than once 

89.Throw a party!. ..a wedding.                   COMPLETED