Saturday, 19 April 2008


Okay so I haven't posted for a while but that's due to a severe case of lazybloggeritis. There has been some progress on the 101 list however..

56.Get Patch health check & vaccinated...COMPLETED
My gorgeous little angel puppy/dog from Hell (depending on what day you ask me) , Patch the Jack Russell has been to the vets. He got his health check, 2 vaccinations and behaved not to badly. They were very pleased with him but we were told to maintain the healthy diet we have been giving him as he leaning towards middle age spread. He is now 6 yrs old and still gets mistaken for a puppy at times but he likes his naps, just like his human Mama!!

70.Place a bet on the Grand National...COMPLETED
The Grand National is the biggest horse race of the year and always worth a wee flutter. The other half and I placed a small £2 wager each online. My horse St.John's Castle (chosen because I favour the grey runners) came up from nowhere and took 2nd place. Needless to say the Mister backed 'Comply Or Die' which won..smug git, haha.