Saturday, 20 September 2008


20.Read & list 50 books...IN PROGRESS 18/50

Okay, I have read more books and these three could not be more different from each other.
The first book 'To The Lighthouse' by Virginia Woolf I chose because I have never read any of her work before. I can be quite literary minded when I want to be, I loved English classes at school..reading D.H Lawrence and disecting Shakespeare. This book however, I didn't enjoy at all. Maybe I missed something? I found it a bore.
The second book 'Tears Before Bedtime' is Tom Wilson's story written by ghostwriter Andrew Crofts. Wilson grew up in various children's homes and suffered from sexual abuse at the hands of one of his carers. Affecting his life into adulthood Wilson did not speak up until 40 years later when he realised he was not paedophile David Murphy's only victim.
After the affect and sucess of David Pelzers self penned biography of an abusive childhood Crofts has ghostwritten for many such 'victims' who want to at last share their stories but perhaps do not have the ability to do so alone.
What shook me about Tom Wilson's story above similar books I have read is that Wilson is from Kirkcaldy where I now stay and all the homes he was in were in towns nearby. It makes it all the more real to me and reminds me that you can never be sure of what is going on behind closed doors even in your own neighbourhood.
My third read, 'Fanny Hill' by John Cleland is the tale of the title character's life of vice. An 18th Century Belle De Jour perhaps? This book was banned for nearly 200 years due to its risque content and all that makes it different from todays gratuitous paperbacks is the 1700 writing style and use of language. A well written grubby book, haha.

Monday, 15 September 2008


80.Visit 3 art galleries...IN PROGRESS..1/3

Today Gavin and I braved the Fife rain (its omni-present) and made the short journey to the town centre to visit Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery. For a town with so much history that includes ship building, cotton production, coal mining, the manufacture of linoleum, pottery mills, import and export from the harbour (the list goes on) the museum is a poor show. There was no mention of the fact that Kirkcaldy was affected by the Jacobite rebellion invading the town in the 18th century. The Jacobites being a key part of Scots history and a draw to tourists.
The art gallery was equally drab..though housed in a great space, desperately needing bought up to date. The two paintings that in these times are perhaps (my opinion not fact) the biggest draw are by contemporary Fife artist Jack Vettriano. The irony being these were in a small narrow hallway and unable to be viewed at their full potential.
However, the best part of our visit was the lovely homemade lentil soup served in the museum cafe.It might just be enough to lure me back..but only just!

Saturday, 13 September 2008


30.Fill at least 10 boxes for Shoebox Appeal...COMPLETED

Between us Gavin and I filled 10 shoeboxes for Blythswood Care who distribute them to less fortunate people in Eastern Europe countries or beyond around the festive period. Each box is wrapped in Christmas paper and labelled for a specific gender and age. We filled each with basic essentials such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap as well an item to keep out the cold (either a hat or socks).We also added colouring books, crayons and a small toys in the childrens boxes. Every box also got a bag of sweets.

Monday, 8 September 2008


85.Do recycling trip 20 times progress..2/20

Sunday, 7 September 2008


10.Obtain a x-ray of my spine...COMPLETED

Most of you may know I have severe kypho scoliosis and had surgeries from 1981-88. You may be surprised to learn that there is no scoliosis consultant for adults in the whole of Scotland. Last week I attended a general orthapedic consultant to get my spine checked out after a few aches and pains. I am pleased to report all is well and x-rays show no dramatic changes have taken place with my spinal fusions or Harrington rod.