Saturday, 22 March 2008

You've Been Mangoed!

38.Eat piece of fruit/veg never tried before...COMPLETED
As a non regular eater of fruit I have had the best of intentions. I buy the fruit, but then sadly watch it rot in the just never tempts me before it blackens and moulds. I'm sorry fruit as much as I hate waste and want to experience your natural goodness, you are clearly just not my thing. To get past this I bought some pre packed mango as I thought my trips to the fridge to grab my usual treats of pork pies, pepperamis or babybels would perhaps make me notice the fruit awaiting me.

I ate some, it was nice and yes I'd probably buy more. Job done!

Thursday, 13 March 2008


1.Do an academic course & pass it...not made a start on this yet.
2.Be debt free...doing well on this, hope to be completed by July 08.
3.Get married...happy as we are at the moment.
5.Arrange brother/sister day out..waiting til better weather for day out in Edinburgh.
6.See a real live panda...Berlin, Vienna or Madrid zoos only places in plans to go yet.
7.Apply for TV quiz show Eggheads..improving my general knowledge, trying to recruit team.
8.Raise at least £250 for charity..nothing planned yet.
9.Buy an apple tree..once the gale force winds cease perhaps!
10.Obtain a x-ray of my spine..awaiting referral to Orthapedic Consultant.
11.Go to Barcelona with Gavin..not sure about this anymore, so many other places.
12.Get a photo/article printed in mag..I should have sent one in, haven't yet.
13.Learn Signalong, sign the notes, must practise.
14.Photo taken with 10 statues of interest..not started yet.
16.Make Jo special baby gift..almost done, baby Milo born 7th Mar 08.
17.Visit my uncle Lindsay..trip to Wiltshire, not planned yet.
18.Visit my uncle also in Wiltshire so will plan both visits in one trip.
19.Start a knit meet-up..keep meaning to get this in action!
20.Read & list 50 books..steady progress, 8/50
21.Open a Post Office account..they no longer do savings account I need, so may edit item.
22.Spend a whole weekend with mum..soon, soon.
24.Go on the London Eye..maybe summer, need decent weather.
25.Paint the kitchen..I want green, another summer job?
26.Go see 5 theatre shows..1/5 done and have tickets for couple more in May.
27.Apply to Gok Wan for makeover!..have application form, not filled it in yet!
29.Knit patch coat/blanket..not started thinking more on blanket idea.
30.Fill at least 10 boxes for Shoebox Appeal..doing well, will box up in Oct/Nov 08
32.Get cheesy photo booth pics taken with time down town & I have make-up on!
33.Attend a book signing..Hope to attend Edinburgh book Festival in August 08
34.Clean & catalogue my Russian dolls..cleaned out & photographed..must upload.
36.Frame Moulin Rouge pictures..keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow. Trip to 'Rejects' dept store.
37.Knit wearable jumper for me..bought wool..thats as far as I have got.
38.Eat piece of fruit/veg never tried lychee? Must look in Sainsburys.
40.Bake Gingerbread men..Can't bake, won't bake..well not just now anyway.
41.Go & look for the Loch Ness Monster..planning trip to Inverness June/July 08. In process.
42.Send something to Postpals..must investigate further.
43.Make cushions..later.
45.Buy 10 new pairs of pants..8/10 pairs bought.
47.Buy decent bra..despite no boobage..whatever, its thermal vest weather!!
48.Trace 1930's photo of Grandad in PMR..frustrating task.
49.Fly a kite..must buy one..certainly windy enough here.
50.Enter Annual Show..Sept.
51.Look into my biology..not now.
55.Paint a self portrait..grr!
56.Get Patch health check & vaccinated..half done, next visit Monday 17th Mar 08
57.Go horseriding..another summer plan?
59.Sort out all my boxes in attic..nooooooooooooooo.
65.Paint Russian doll blanks..ready to start, whenever have a minute.
66.Buy a new cooker..leave this til at least Jan 09
67.Take Patch to the've guessed it..summer plan.
68.Do artwork fit to hang in home..when I have nothing else more important to do.
69.Trip on Maid of the Forth..please hurry summer.
70.Place a bet on the Grand National..April 08, already checking form.
71.Stay in a posh hotel..when we go to Inverness (wont beat our stay in Edinburgh Caledonian!)
72.Tidy under the beds, properly..seem to do this often but never properly.
73.Research family tree..have started notes.
74.Save £1000 from start date..slow but sure progress.
75. Build a snowman..not had enough snow.
76. Knit 20 pairs of socks..think Im on 5/20?
77.Bake & ice a cake..why bake when you can buy? Another last resort item.
78.Buy a pair of brand name jeans (that fit!) ..bought jeans, cheap shit..still looking for nice ones.
79.Visit & photograph Dysart harbour..will we get a sunny day ever?
80.Visit 3 art galleries..must plan a day in Edinburgh doing this perhaps.
81.Carve a pumpkin..Halloween 08.
82.Make a sock monkey..started and abandoned.
83.Arrange 'Brown Palace' reunion..old flatmates get together when Karen back from San Fran?
84.Get a bikini wax..ouch..not now.
85.Do recycling trip 20 times..oops been leaving this to Gavin (& Patch).
86.Buy 3 handbags..will have a spree soon enough.
87.Knit 20 easter chicks..began but lost year?
88.Go on Eurostar..probably 2009.
89.Throw a party!..most of my friends got babies now so Teddy Bears Picnic? haha.
90.Get photo taken under a palm tree..not given this a thought yet.
92.Write to 5 extended family members..oops.
93.Write up a memory book..2 'stories' will consider complete when 10.
96.Visit 3 friends in new houses..1/3 so far.
97.Vote at a polling station..whenever voting is.
100.Have 25 items done in year 1..over half way there now.
101.Donate £1 for each list item incomplete..considering worthy charities at present.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

44.Amend nana's gravestone....COMPLETED
I have completed another item on my list..something that's been needling me for a long time. My Nana died a few years ago but some amendments were needed to her headstone. I took it upon myself to do this and now its been done. My Nana was a big influence in my early life , installing in me the need for good manners and self respect. When she went out she was always impeccably dressed and not forgetting a smidgen of lipstick. One Christmas at ours, she even brought with her beaded slippers to match her elegant beaded jumper. People have sometimes remarked that I posess my Nana's 'la-de-da' attitude of which I'm rather proud. She was working class and proud of it but there's nothing wrong with having aspirations.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Booky Wookys

20.Read & list 50 books.... IN PROGRESS 8/50
If nothing else I have kept up with my reading and have two wonderfully colourful autobiographies to add to my books read (and books most definately recommended!). The first is a book I have coveted for a while and came to me as a Valentine's Day gift from my other half. Stand up comedian Russell Brand's 'My Booky Wook' was fab. I don't have the words in me to fully describe my feelings for this flamboyant, eloquent, Cockney eccentric. He truely facinates me..he's the kind of guy you either love or hate. The book tells of his 'normal' childhood, his heroin addiction,how he camped it up 'to attract the laidies' and then went on to be crowned 'Shagger Of The Year'. His writings begin and end with him in rehab being treated for sex addiction. Funny and shocking but not as gratuitous as you'd expect. Read it.

In Janet Street-Porter's 'Baggage: My Childhood' the newspaper editor and TV producer begins with the story of how her parents met during WW2 and instantly fell in love. The problem being both were married to other people at the time. Her father got a divorce but her mother could not and the new couple were forced to conceal this scandelous secret as they pretended to live as man and wife for years with their 2 daughters. It may seem like no big deal in today's Jeremy Kyle society but this was the 1940's were social standards were still in place. Janet's childhood was neither tragic or idyllic and most of it she decribes as a bore..but her writing style is far from that. Her teenage years where she longed for independance and quenched her thirst for learning and loving in 1960's swinging London. Another great book. It has too be said well written autobiographies far out weigh a normal biography because in a self penned book you can hear the famous celebrity writer speak as you read. A joy!
Thanks to Christy and Tartan Wonder for their kind words of encouragement. Hopefully my 101 List mojo is on it's way back! Watch this space!