Saturday, 3 May 2008

Reading In Bed

20.Read & list 50 books.... IN PROGRESS..10/50

I got some great biographies for my birthday and because I haven't been too well lately I have read them in double quick time. The first was 'All Of Me' by Patsy Palmer an actress who has recently returned to BBC soap Eastenders to revive her infamous character 'Bianca'. The book tells of her childhood days longing for stardom and of her cockney working class roots. She also divulges into her path of self-destruction through drink and drugs, single motherhood at 19 and nervous breakdowns. It took neaar death encounters and the almost total braekdown of relations with the troubled family she fought yet loved before Patsy found her own way to stop.
This is a typical coffee table biography of a soap celeb, a quick yet enjoyable read.

'A Young Man's Passage' by Julian Clary. Born and brought up in the suburbs to well grounded middle class family a young Julian fled to London for glamour and fame, where he developed his taste for shameless performance. Graduating when the alternative comedy revolution was just in its infancy Julian added his own brand of glitter and smut. Suddenly he was the most famous, uncomprimising queen in the country. This book tells of the highs of success while privately suffering the comprimises of celebrity and the life-altering pain of losing a lover to Aids.