Thursday, 6 March 2008

44.Amend nana's gravestone....COMPLETED
I have completed another item on my list..something that's been needling me for a long time. My Nana died a few years ago but some amendments were needed to her headstone. I took it upon myself to do this and now its been done. My Nana was a big influence in my early life , installing in me the need for good manners and self respect. When she went out she was always impeccably dressed and not forgetting a smidgen of lipstick. One Christmas at ours, she even brought with her beaded slippers to match her elegant beaded jumper. People have sometimes remarked that I posess my Nana's 'la-de-da' attitude of which I'm rather proud. She was working class and proud of it but there's nothing wrong with having aspirations.