Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Television :Drug Of A Nation

15. 48 hrs without TV, ouch...COMPLETED If you know me you will no this is no mean feat. I am a self-confessed telly addict watching at least 8 hours of the 'goggle-box' a day. My addiction probably stemmed from long periods off school convalescing after back surgery or reoccurring chest infections. TV kept me company as my mum busied herself around the house during the day and at night when insomnia set in. Television is a social thing too, childhood memories of the family all sitting to watch 'The Muppet Show' or 'Gladiators' is warming. The current reality show trend with the likes of 'X-Factor', 'I'm A Celebrity..' and 'Big Brother are the shows we all love to hate but all seem to talk about.I studied TV Production for a while at college and earned pocket money as a TV extra..even my dream last night was of Mr John Logie-Baird's invention.Anyhoo, I went without TV for 48 hours...gotta go Coronation Street's starting...

99.Have 10 items done in 6 months..COMPLETED
Nice that makes 11 completed items..only 90 to go.