Tuesday, 4 December 2007

992 Days To Go

Well, I am beginning to wish I'd waited until after Christmas to begin my list, the days have already counted down to 992 and I've hardly had a minute to think about it. At the moment I am in bed feeling lousy so I thought I'd take some time out from feeling sorry for myself and see what list items I may have in progress.

98.Recruit a new lister to 101 IN PROGRESS..Andy B, who I have corresponded with via knit site Ravelry has expressed an initial interest in list building. He seems a very nice chap and writes a very warm and entertaining blog. Here's hoping he gets the time and inclination to get a list done so I can cross #98 off mine.

20. Read and list 50 books IN PROGRESS 1/50..I worked out I have 20 days to read each book. Some will take less, like the coffee table biographys of D-List celebs I love so much (The books I love..the celebs not so much!) and some will perhaps span out for longer. There are some old classics I have never got round to reading such as 'Kidnapped' by Robert Louis Stevenson, it was always too easy just to watch the movie version. A book allows you to build your own picture and being a dreamy kind of person this is what I enjoy from a good story.
So far I have read 1 book (49 to go) but it was very uninspiring. It was the only book I could find in the house I hadn't yet read (perhaps for a justified reason?). The Tinder Box is a novella by thriller writer Minette Walters, but truth be told it did nothing to thrill this reader. A small Hampshire village is shook up when an well to do elderly lady and her nurse are brutally murdered. Fingers are immediately pointed at an Irish labourer whose family receive threats by a bigoted community. As with all these stories all is not always as it first appears but the twist in this particular tale was, well..a bit flat.