Monday, 15 September 2008


80.Visit 3 art galleries...IN PROGRESS..1/3

Today Gavin and I braved the Fife rain (its omni-present) and made the short journey to the town centre to visit Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery. For a town with so much history that includes ship building, cotton production, coal mining, the manufacture of linoleum, pottery mills, import and export from the harbour (the list goes on) the museum is a poor show. There was no mention of the fact that Kirkcaldy was affected by the Jacobite rebellion invading the town in the 18th century. The Jacobites being a key part of Scots history and a draw to tourists.
The art gallery was equally drab..though housed in a great space, desperately needing bought up to date. The two paintings that in these times are perhaps (my opinion not fact) the biggest draw are by contemporary Fife artist Jack Vettriano. The irony being these were in a small narrow hallway and unable to be viewed at their full potential.
However, the best part of our visit was the lovely homemade lentil soup served in the museum cafe.It might just be enough to lure me back..but only just!