Thursday, 31 January 2008

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

95. Send 3 people a gift for no reason...COMPLETED
(When I state 'for no reason', I mean other than Birthday/Christmas or anniversaries)
For Christmas I got a talking keychain called "Dirty Dancing In My Pocket" which upon the push of a button gave out memorable quotes from my favourite chick flick of all time. The mere sound of "Nobody put's baby in the corner" sent me back to memories of me as a 12 year old swooning over Patrick Swayze's butt. My friend and former flatmate Fiona is also a dedicated DD fan and I was desperate for her to wow at my keychain with me but she lives in Hampshire and we only see each other about once a year these days. desperation for Fiona to share in this devices brillance led me to buy another and send it to her. SHE LOVED IT!

My next gift was to a friend Kim in North Carolina who expressed awe at my sock knitting and said she must try. I gave her no excuse to back out of this statement and sent her a fab book with all sorts of sock patterns.

Finally to my new penpal Elizabeth from Indiana I sent a Scotland calendar with lots of beautiful scenic views for throughout the year.