Thursday, 17 January 2008

With This Ring..

39.Buy Gavin engagement ring...COMPLETED
Gavin and I have been engaged for 3 and a half years, at least that's how long ago he bought me my lovely white gold and diamond ring. I have always meant to get him a ring too but finding out his size without him knowing was a bit tricky. I initially purchased a ring in 3 various sizes to present him at Christmas but none of them proved suitable. So, to cut a long story slightly shorter..we went to the jewellers, got his correct ring size and bought a lovely white gold band with a brushed gold finish across the centre.

87.Knit 20 easter chicks...IN PROGRESS
I have started knitting my Easter chicks. There is no real plan but I'm hoping they will be egg cosies to give them to friends at Easter with a yummy cream egg. I'm making the pattern up as I go along but well, it's not rocket science is it?