Thursday, 29 January 2009

Biographies Abound

20.Read & list 50 books..28/50
I received an incredible 14 biographies for Christmas.
These are the first 3 I have read and were all very entertaining.
Stand up comedian/TV presenter Alan Carr is one of my current favourite TV personalities with his very camp humour. His book tells in part about childhood and how being the son of a football manager wasn't easy as an effeminate youngster. It's all very tragic tales here.
Bafta-winning Actress Brenda Blethyn is from a different generation and her story takes the reader back to a post war era when times were tough and the people were even tougher. Again it's funny but often bittersweet. It also charts her acting career and rise to fame which came later in life than some.
'Dear Fatty' by Dawn French is written in a slightly different style. It takes the format of a series of letters written by Dawn to signifigant people in her life. The letters are addressed to amongst others..her late father who committed suicide when she was 16, her adopted teenage daughters biological mother and her comedy partner Jennifer Saunders.