Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Reader

20.Read & list 50 books..37/50

Okay so I haven't updated my reading for a we go..

The Dynamite Kid (Brian Blessed autobiography)
Just Julie (Julie Goodyear autobiography)
Fools Rush In (Anthea Turner autobiography)
Hello (Leslie Phillips autobiography)
Our Betty (Liz Smith autobiography)
Spilling the Beans (Clarissa Dickson Wright autobiography)
My Life in Words and Pictures by Helen Mirren

...can you spot the running theme?

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Denim Is Done

78.Buy a pair of brand name jeans (that fit!) ...COMPLETED!

I know it looks like I have abandoned this blog but believe it or not I am still working away at s few items on the list. Thankfully I have a completed one to report...I got me some jeans! I bought 2 pairs of Fenchurch (yes that's a brand name for those not so hip!) jeans..and the best bit is they fit me. Okay so maybe they are an inch too long and I need a belt but hey I can live with that!