Saturday, 24 May 2008

85.Do recycling trip 20 times ...IN PROGRESS 1/20

Okay I'm a slacker..although we religiously recycle our plastic, glass and paper I tend to leave it to the other half . The paper waste gets picked up fortnightly from the house but the other stuff requires a short trek across the park to the community centre. I am quick enough to preach to others about the benefits of separating your household rubbish but I sit back and let my mister lug the carrier bags to the recycle bank.
Even since putting it on this list I have never took my turn..that is until today. I took the mutt with me and we had a nice stroll through the park and back. I can see this is an easy item on my list to complete and it will encourage me pull my weight a bit with the more menial of household tasks.

So, people...RECYCLE!!!!