Sunday, 25 October 2009


I have deliberated over changing some items on my list for a while..but was afraid it may be regarded as cheating. However upon consulting some fellow 101 listers I have been advised to 'make the list work for me'. A kind wise soul said that if a list item no longer applies..change it for a similar item that is of interest, as long as its still a reach for you it can't be seen as copping out.

So I'm doing it..there!
24.Go on the London Eye..I have no plans to go to London within the next 300 days(or no interest at the moment) so therefore I am changing this item to:
24.Go on the Falkirk Wheel..its of equal interest to me and although I have never been to Falkirk it is closer to home and can be done as a day trip (unlike London).

11.Go to Barcelona with Gavin. This was a silly one to list in the first place as due to lung problems I can't really fly the 4+ hours to get to Barca. Besides I visited the city already in 2001.
Changing to:
11.Go to Knit Camp 2010 on my own. I love Gavin but have grown to depend on him 'being there' so much. This is a great opportunity to prove to myself I can 'go it alone'.

Thats it for now...what do you think?