Sunday, 5 June 2011

Update..Long Time Passed

Admittedly, it was quite a while ago that I should have completed my 101 list and I had kind of forgotten about it. However recently I was considering compiling a new one and looked back upon this blog.
I'm pleased to say I have since completed a few more off this orginal list so thought I'd do a wee update.

The most significant is this :.
3.Get married ..COMPLETED.
A little over 7 weeks ago me & the Mister tied the knot after 10 yrs together.

47.Buy decent bra..despite no boobage...COMPLETED

24.Go on the Falkirk Wheel...                      COMPLETED (just this week)
49.Fly a kite...                                                     COMPLETED
72.Tidy under the beds, properly..            COMPLETED, more than once 

89.Throw a party!. ..a wedding.                   COMPLETED          

Friday, 20 August 2010


11.Go to Knit Camp 2010 ...COMPLETED

Last week I attended Knit Camp 2010 at the very scenic Stirling University campus. Despite various problems with the organisation of the event I think most people had a fantastic time. I took a class and learnt new knitting techniques. I met online knitting friends in person. I sat and had breakfast with many of the tutors whose faces I didn't know, yet I have drooled over their knitwear designs time and time again. Then there was the Aladdin's Cave to us knitty peeps...All.That.Yarn...mmm

Thursday, 17 June 2010

In The Bag?

86.Buy 3 handbags... 2/3

Bought another handbag with birthday money from my mommy.

Back To The Island

69.Trip on Maid of the Forth ...COMPLETED
A short time ago (a few weeks? I forget!) the Mister and I headed over the Forth Road Bridge for South Queensferry. There we boarded the small passenger ferry and set sail for Inchcolm Island. It was a warm beautiful day but too early in the season to be busy.
We saw grey seals and a variety of seabirds including a solitary puffin. The island itself was so peaceful and a great place for little imaginations to run riot. Boarding the boat back to the mainland one little nipper reported he had failed to find the pirates treasure!!
The Mister and I roamed the abbey ruins, climbed the incline to the WW2 guntower remains and dodged some rather aggressive nesting seagulls (think 'Hitchcock The Birds'..perhaps I exaggerate).

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Make Me Over?

27.Apply to Gok Wan for makeover! progress..chickened out.

I sent and received an application form to be on Gok's show 'How To Look Good Naked' after reading they were doing a 'special' for disabled folks. Upon receiving the form I felt uncomfortable sending photos of myself in my undies to some office and not a particular liason person. It stated you could phone them and they'd get back to you. I left half a dozen messages and NOTHING. It didn't leave me I failed to submit the form. Needless to say the series is on TV at the moment. I haven't watched it yet.

Sunday, 27 December 2009


74.Save £1000 from start date ...COMPLETED

Just realised another item to get on with all the rest

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas stockings?

76. Knit 20 pairs of socks..14/20

Just finished knitting up another couple of pairs of socks..just in time for Christmas. These were gifted to my brother and his fiance who seemed really pleased with their new footwear.